Bushcraft Dayz

Day 1 the hike

Day started early with a walk to Neath from our scout hall. we covered the basics of compasses, their construction, how to take a bearing and the difference of map bearing and magnetic bearing as the map planning sheet showed both. After a short trip up the streets of town we then headed into the bush following back trails to our destination.

Along the way we discovered many sites when filth had left their garbage dumped on the side trails

we also discovered an abandoned building once used by miners as a tea room and shower block in the processing of coal in the local area. there are many signs of the mining operations in this area including sloosh creeks, old house ruins and earthworks where the rail lines followed.

we made it to the “campsite” this is the post to the boundary of the site we are working in

once on site the Guys began by setting up “camp” we built a small shelter as well as building a 5m+ flagpole covering many of the knots required in the bushcraft OAS. then held opening parade.

for the rest of the day we covered some of the theory based parts to the Bushcraft AOS and also practiced cooking Lunch on Trangia stoves.

Day ended with a closing parade a quick tidy and pull down of the campsite and parent pickup.